Bruce Lee Once Faced Criticism After Audience Mistook His Violent Script With Popular TV Host

Bruce Lee Once Faced Criticism After Audience Mistook His Violent Script With Popular TV Host

Besides being the pioneer of kung fu in world cinema, Bruce Lee was known for his combative nature. He used to get heated up even when he was not filming and would engage in a fight, easily. Likewise, Lee once threatened Hong Kong film director Lo Wei with a knife. This resulted in him facing severe criticism across the media, which made him perceive an idea to publicize his actual intention, but that went in vain, leaving him embarrassed yet again.
As per Lee’s biography, after being the talk of the town for some time, the Little Dragon wanted to regain his fame. So he appeared in a talk show and convinced the host to play his props while he would demonstrate that he didn’t need a knife to hurt someone. But that public stunt with the host went wrong, and people ended up thinking of it as a serious fight and Lee as a quarrelsome character.

Bruce Lee couldn’t meet his expectations
Seeing his fight with the director and getting criticized by people, the Enter the Dragon actor decided to manifest his side of the story. As per Matthew Polly’s book Bruce Lee: A Life, Lee convinced Ivan Ho, the host of a popular talk show to help him explain his objective. He stated, “I will punch your arm only. When I hit you, you will feel some strength. Don’t panic, it won’t hurt your shoulder. But don’t try to resist. Just relax and go with the blow and you’ll be alright. The audience will love it when you fall on the sofa.”

But he couldn’t anticipate the fact that the viewers would misjudge the fast kick on the shoulder as something real. As Ho shared later, “Onlookers thought it was real. They were unaware of our pre-arranged set up. It seemed serious.” This stunt made the situation even more awkward for the martial artist, and people again made a misjudgment about him.
The Little Phoenix faced another round of criticism and was no longer the charming personality, that he once used to be. The little argument eventually resulted in impacting Lee’s hard-built fame.

The reason behind Lee’s and Wei’s altercationLo Wei was the one who launched the ‘Little Phoenix’ in The Big Boss and Fist of Fury. But Wei used to slight him in the press more often. Their bitterness ran deep, and one day Lee rushed to the screening room of Golden Harvest to meet Wei and dragged a knife hidden under his belt buckle. Losing control of his anger, the actor then asked Wei, “Do you believe I could kill you with this knife?”However, the Golden Harvest studio president, Raymond Chow, and producer, Andre Morgan, intervened and pulled Lee out of the scene.
However, even though Bruce Lee wanted to walk out clean with the help of his stunt in the talk show, the whole thing went in vain. What do you think of the incident?

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