Dakota Johnson Wore a See-Through Mesh Dress With Black Underwear to Gucci’s Cruise Show

Dakota Johnson Wore a See-Through Mesh Dress With Black Underwear to Gucci’s Cruise Show

Dakota Johnson brought Hollywood’s sheer trend to Gucci’s cruise show at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea. A longtime ambassador for the brand, the actress was photographed wearing a black mesh dress adorned with jewels over black underwear and a bandeau-style top at the fashion house’s runway show. She layered a leather coat over it and styled her hair in loose waves.
Johnson spoke to Vanity Fair in June 2022 about her history with Gucci and how the brand’s former creative director, Alessandro Michele, is her close friend. Sabato De Sarno is Gucci’s current creative director.

“We talk a lot; we text,” she said of Michele. “I don’t feel he’s elsewhere when I speak to him, which I feel most of the time when I speak to people that work in fashion.”
She spoke to ELLE.com more about her connection to Michele and Gucci in November 2018, when chatting about the house’s Gucci Bloom perfume. “We met at his first Gucci show in New York City. I thought he was so cool,” she said. “And I was very—I don’t know, I thought he looked very cool and mysterious, and I wanted to know him and talk to him. He was really sweet to me, and I like that in a person.”

In the same interview, Johnson addressed how she interprets beauty, sharing that outer beauty, enhanced with plastic surgery, isn’t really how she would define the word: “Maybe aesthetically it could be considered ‘beautiful’ but no,” she started. “To me, beauty is really the way you behave. Beauty is how you treat people. Beauty is your heart and how you give it to others, and how you give and receive love and respect. So that’s the thing that anyone, no matter how famous you are or what you look like, put that on Instagram all you want. That’s what’s important.”

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