Big Boss: the amazing true story behind the action movie that revealed Bruce Lee

Big Boss: the amazing true story behind the action movie that revealed Bruce Lee

Incredible but true ! This could be the motto of many productions, whether television or film. Thus the series Les Randonneuses is taken from the true epic of several women who have climbed a mountain in Italy, while the comedy Les Dents, pee et au lit is inspired by part of the life of its director, Emmanuel Gillibert . Darker, the series The Crash recounts a terrible air accident that occurred in the Netherlands in the 90s, when the drama The Father , awarded the Oscar for best screenplay and best actor for Anthony Hopkins, hit the nail on the head because the story resembles that of Florian Zeller’s grandmother . Real facts, it is also a question for Big Boss , a muscular production from Hong Kong and broadcast this Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 9:20 p.m. on C8 .
Big Boss , the movie that revealed Bruce LeeReleased in May 1973 in France, the film follows a young man who has just arrived in Bangkok, who finds a job in an ice cream factory thanks to a friend. But the small company serves to conceal drug trafficking. In the 1970s, the rare films from Asia took several months or even years to reach European screens. Big Boss was produced in 1971 and can be considered the film that revealed its main actor, a certain… Bruce Lee. In just a few films, our man has established himself as one of the most prominent personalities of his time, notably with The Fury of Victory then The Fury of the Dragon (1972), which made him an international star, or even Opération dragon(1973). A short but very significant career, so much so that Quentin Tarantino incorporated it into his Once upon a time in Hollywood , a tribute to the cinema of yesteryear, to the inflated cast of stars . Alas, the appearance of Bruce Lee provokes quite a controversy initiated by the actor’s daughter, who accused “QT” of racism . So much so that the film will be purely and simply banned in China .

Big Boss , an action production based on a true storyLike many other films before or after him, especially war productions , Big Boss is therefore based on a true story. That of Cheng Chao-an, Chinese at the end of the 19th century who proved to be very popular in Thailand for having defended some of his immigrant compatriots against the power in place. But for the production company Golden Harvest, in the grip of financial difficulties, there was no question of launching a costume film, which was too expensive to finance. This is why the action of Big Boss takes place in a contemporary universe.

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