Chris Martin is in the most romantic hotel in the country (but there is no sign of Dakota Johnson)

Chris Martin is in the most romantic hotel in the country (but there is no sign of Dakota Johnson)

Quinta das Lágrimas welcomed the tragic love of D. Pedro and Inês de Castro. It has been the Coldplay frontman’s refuge in Portugal.
If there is an address that refers to eternal love stories, it is at Quinta das Lágrimas, a historic hotel in the city of Coimbra, which welcomes distinguished guests every year. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, is the latest name to join the list. During the six days he will spend in Portugal, for a series of four concerts, he chose the old palace to rest, according to “Expresso”.

Discreet, quiet and with walls around 12 hectares of gardens, the property is over 700 years old and is the ideal refuge for the astronomical star. Gate control is tight and there is no shortage of security to keep the most intrepid fans away.
It is public that the 46-year-old British artist has been in a relationship with Dakota Johnson since 2007, but nothing indicates that the actress is in Portugal with her boyfriend. On May 16, the day before the start of the performances in Portugal, Johnson was in South Korea. In a tweet shared by Gucci, of which she is an ambassador, she attended the launch of the brand’s Cruise collection in Seoul.

However, it is known that the actress has been following the tour around the world, with several fans posting videos of them attending concerts in Brazil or Argentina, for example. On social networks, several fans commented that they saw her in the audience at Estádio Cidade de Coimbra, but it is unlikely that she came with the band.
Since the 14th century (at least) the land was used by the Portuguese royal family for hunting, for example. The most remarkable history of the farm is linked to the monarchy and had a tragic outcome. The place where the hotel is currently located was also the “love nest” of D. Pedro and Inês de Castro, the national version of the famous couple Romeo and Juliet.

The Galician lady even lived in a hunting lodge on the property, where the four children she had with D. Pedro were also born. The relationship had a dramatic end and it was there that Inês died.
Converted into a hotel since 1995, it has undergone several renovation works since 2016. That year, the public areas, dining and meeting spaces, gardens and rooms were changed, and the space went from a four to a five star. There was also a strong bet on the color blue, the royal tone of Portugal.

With around 55 rooms, there are three types to choose from: the Palace, which welcomed the Duke of Wellington; the Gardens, overlooking the botanical garden; and the Spa, which have a hydrotherapy bath and a view over the woods.
It is known that the inhabitants of the surroundings (ie the nearest neighbors) rarely enter the space. However, the hotel is accepting bookings from Monday, May 22nd, with rooms starting at €299.50. For the days of the remaining concerts, the 20th and 21st, there is no longer any availability.
The rest of the bandUnlike vocalist Chris Martin, the rest of the band — Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion — opted for the Hästens Sleep Spa. It is the first sleep hotel in the world, with rest valued through the quality of the beds, which has been perfected for six generations, since 1852.
This “is a unique and exclusive experience of well-being, in deep contact with the history of Portugal in a tribute to the Joanina Library, recognized as one of the most original and spectacular European Baroque libraries”, as the hotel explains on its website.
In this hotel, special edition beds of only 200 units are used. The space has 15 rooms and each guest can choose the type of bedding they prefer. They are all handmade, can take up to 200 hours to be ready and cost up to 60,000 euros.
The British band is expected to bring a total of 200,000 people to Coimbra over the four days of concerts. Also read the chronicle of the NiT reporter who was present at the first show.
Click on the image to see some images of the Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas and see a little of what Chris Martin’s experience is like.

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