“They Say You Are Not Supposed to Do”: 75-YO Arnold Schwarzenegger Feels Sad About Not Being Able to Do His Favorite Exercise

“They Say You Are Not Supposed to Do”: 75-YO Arnold Schwarzenegger Feels Sad About Not Being Able to Do His Favorite Exercise

Days after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s interesting workout session with the two comic artists, Bert Kreisher and Fortune Feimster at the Gold’s Gym, the former revealed Arnie’s favorite workout in an interview. Talking to host, Rich Eisen in his self-titled show, Kreisher took hilarious takes on Schwarzenegger’s reactions during that session.
While the former bodybuilder spoke on why he still works out to date in the previous video, Kreisher shed light on Arnie’s favorite exercise that he misses doing the most recently. And it’s one his name is particular to.

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t allowed to do his favorite workout
The interview on The Rich Eisen Show surfaced hours ago on YouTube, featuring the 50-year-old solo comedian narrating his memorable experience with the IFBB legend in his natural element. Starting from how the idea of them working out even commenced, he eventually gravitated toward the athlete’s exercise choices. “What’s one exercise you miss the most?” Kreisher asked hinting at his declining age.

Thus, The Austrian Oak promptly replied, “Deadlifts, I love deadlifts.” To think of it, it is pretty explicit since he holds a world record in the workout. Moreover, he took a moment to acknowledge his own achievement and said, “My max was 710!” As he grows older, naturally his body’s restraints also increase. Thus, unfortunately, Arnie is not permitted to work with deadlifts anymore, keeping his health’s best interests in mind.
“I could’ve done properly because they say you’re not supposed to do, no. It’s the lower posterior,” he spoke on the matter. As per the source, the American celebrity also pointed out how he ended up working out with the champion. A podcast of him talking about the kind of steroids Arnie used to take, came to the legend’s notice, which urged him to invite Kreisher for an iron-pumping session. “He goes, I’d like to workout with this guy, he’s got great calves,” the comedian told. However, during their workout, Arnold shared why he keeps himself fit even at 75.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest health concern urges him to keep fitAccording to the video, the bodybuilding pro nearing his 80s, is concerned about the numerous heart surgeries he underwent due to his congenital heart condition, bicuspid aortic valve. Therefore, while powering throug
In addition, the former Mr. Olympia claimed that he even stopped drinking heavily due to his health struggles. “too many heart surgeries,” Schwarzenegger mindfully added.

The Austrian icon’s enthusiasm is highly contagious, as Kreisher nuanced in the interview. Besides that, he also shared that the man makes everyone feel special, which is a unique trait of his. What do you think of Schwarzenegger’s persona? Tell us in the comments.

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