How Monica Bellucci manages to have an enviable figure at 58 years old. What are the secrets of the actress

How Monica Bellucci manages to have an enviable figure at 58 years old. What are the secrets of the actress

Monica Bellucci is among the most beautiful women in the world, and at 58 she manages to have an enviable figure. She shared some of her secrets, noting that she takes good care of her diet, but she also does sports.
Monica Bellucci is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She manages to look flawless at 58, setting an example for many younger people. Besides the enviable gene, what are the secrets of the actress of Italian origin.

Monica Bellucci’s secrets for an enviable figureMonica Bellucci can boast an enviable body at 58 years old. It has several secrets that it implements and never deviates from them. In addition to sports, she also has a healthy diet, so she relies on small amounts of food, so she manages to satisfy her cravings.
She does not starve herself, knowing that this is not the secret to an enviable figure , and the results can be seen. Choose to eat meat, fish, but also many fresh vegetables.

Although she is careful about what she eats, she also has some weaknesses when it comes to food . Pasta and chocolate can be considered her weak points and she chooses to eat a few times to satisfy her cravings. To look even thinner, the actress wears a lot of black, managing to hide the small imperfections of her body.
What exercises does Monica Bellucci do?The actress is not a fan of going to the gym, and time does not allow her to do so. However, she turns to yoga and swimming to maintain her weight. 4 times a week he sits in the pool for at least 45 minutes and does a complete workout. Yoga also gives him peace of mind, managing to combine breathing techniques and specific positions.

Monica Bellucci places great emphasis on peace of mind, considering that beauty comes from within, and peace is an important aspect that many of us should emphasize. She was never obsessed with her body shape, she just exercised to feel her best, but also for a healthy body.
“Beauty comes from within. If you don’t feel good, it’s impossible to look good, and this is not only true for young girls, but also for women who have already had a diverse life and experiences, “said the actress in the past.

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