Chris Hemsworth Casts Doubt On Playing Thor Again In The MCU

Chris Hemsworth Casts Doubt On Playing Thor Again In The MCU

Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Chris Hemsworth casts doubt on whether he’ll play Thor again despite his return being teased in Thor: Love & Thunder.
Chris Hemsworth seems uncertain about whether he will play Thor again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in a possible Thor 5 or elsewhere. As the MCU continues with the Multiverse Saga, the franchise is focusing heavily on its next generation of Avengers. While Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have finished their time in the MCU and made way for replacement heroes, Thor is still one of the few remaining original Avengers left. Most recently, Hemsworth starred in Phase 4’s Thor: Love and Thunder, which featured a text screen at the end saying Thor would return.

However, the Australian actor’s future with the MCU may have gotten a concerning update. In an interview with Total Film Magazine, Hemsworth spoke about his experience working on Extraction 2 and how he dealt with some of the most challenging stunts in his career. While talking about the new types of stunts he got to do on that film, Hemsworth brought up how he would love to integrate it into a Marvel protect, if he ever does one again.
It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m not exaggerating. At the end of a take, you’re sucking air like you never have before, and everyone drops to their knees. But it’s so much more rewarding. I would love to take this style and integrate it into a Marvel film, if I was ever to do another one.

Marvel Already Teased Thor’s MCU Return – When Will It Happen?
While Hemsworth isn’t saying definitively whether he’s done playing Thor, he also doesn’t confirm a return, leaving it as only a potential possibility. It raises some questions about when he might actually return. Thor: Love and Thunder was a box office success despite middling reviews, which left the door open for the Asgardian Avenger to come back. The Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scene even set up the idea of Thor 5 featuring a war with Hercules.

Hemsworth’s comments could possibly indicate that there is no deal in place right now between the actor and Marvel Studios. Even though Hemsworth starred in a fourth Thor movie, he may not be contracted for more as Marvel has moved away from the big six- and nine-picture deals of the studio’s early days. Additionally, it’s worth taking into account that Hemsworth will possibly take on fewer projects after the discovery he has a stronger chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, which leaves his Thor future up in the air for understandable health reasons.
At this point, rather than star in Thor 5, Hemsworth may finish his time with the MCU in one of the upcoming Avengers movies in Phase 6. That said, until Marvel Studios or Hemsworth reveal anything further, it’s up for speculation. Hopefully, in one way or another, Hemsworth can wrap up his time as Thor to some degree, even if it’s not in Thor 5.

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