Arnold Schwarzenegger is Netflix’s new “Chief Action Officer” and arrives at the office in a tank

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Netflix’s new “Chief Action Officer” and arrives at the office in a tank

The popular actor shares a hilarious trailer as Netflix’s new action manager, introducing the most anticipated movies and series.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood, both for his easy-going personality and for starring in some of the most legendary blockbusters, from Terminator to Predator to Conan and many other action movies between the 80s and the first decade of the 2000s. Now, with the premiere of his new Netflix series FUBAR just around the corner, the actor stars in a crazy trailer – which you can see above these lines – in which he claims to be the new “Chief Action Officer” of Netflix, all to promote the platform’s most anticipated upcoming releases, many of which are loaded with good action. And he does it by riding a tank to the office, in true Schwarzenegger style.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Action on NetflixSo, thanks to this hilarious new Netflix promo video, we can enjoy new previews of many of Netflix’s action-centric productions that will be arriving in the next few months or have already been released recently, as is the case with Jennifer Lopez’s The Mother.
Action-packed series and movies like The Night Agent, FUBAR, Extraction 2, The Witcher, Heart of Stone, The Brothers Sun and Lift are just some of the clips that Arnold Schwarzenegger presents to us as Netflix’s new “Chief Action Officer”, a position he takes on in a tank, as it could not be any other way. Aside from the fun of it, this new promotional video shows us unreleased footage from upcoming Netflix series and movies, so it’s worth watching with a smile on your face. Arnold has more than a wink in store…

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently explained what his most misunderstood movie was and whether or not he will return as the Terminator or Conan.

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