Dakota Johnson’s secret to plump and dewy skin lies in her obsession with this age-old ingredient

Dakota Johnson’s secret to plump and dewy skin lies in her obsession with this age-old ingredient

A staple in the Indian pantry, coconut oil is now making its rounds in the homes of the most renowned
Dakota Johnson keeps it simple with her beauty rituals as she focuses on the essentials needed for maintaining a radiant complexion and supple skin. Her love for coconut oil emerged in a bizarre manner when she was en route to film the Italian horror master Dario Argento’s lurid thriller Suspiria. “We were in an abandoned hotel on top of a mountain. It had 30 telephone poles on the roof, so there was electricity pulsing through the building, and everyone was shocking each other,” she told ELLE.com in 2018. “The only thing that helped was dousing myself with oil every night. Now I can’t get enough.”

Improve elasticityCollagen formation is boosted by coconut oil. This home ingredient can penetrate deep through the layers of your skin and begin the process of healing and rejuvenating. Because it is a natural anti-ageing solution that may heal damaged skin cells and restore much-needed moisture levels, coconut oil helps the skin retain its suppleness and radiance.
Prevent water lossThe lipids present in coconut oil protect and seal the top layer of your skin, trapping moisture and keeping it hydrated. Rashes, allergies, and severely dry skin diseases like eczema can all be relieved with coconut oil. It is the natural emollient dry skin needs and is high in antioxidants.

Treat acneLauric acid, which lies abundant in coconut oil, aids in preventing the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Applying coconut oil to the skin helps minimise acne scars by eliminating breakout-causing germs and boosting hydration. Coconut oil, however, might not be helpful for those with extremely oily skin as it is highly comedogenic and so can lead to clogged pores.
Reduce inflammationPsoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema are just a few of the many skin conditions that are characterised by chronic inflammation. Coconut oil may also reduce inflammation by boosting antioxidant levels. Antioxidants function by neutralising the reactive atoms known as free radicals in the body, which can cause inflammation.

Fatty acidsCoconut oil is loaded with fatty acids that are crucial for keeping youthful-looking skin. A variety of saturated fats and short and medium-chain fatty acids, such as lauric acid, are among some that are present in coconut oil. Linoleic acid is another one of the acids found in coconut oil that is excellent in preventing moisture loss, thus keeping your skin supple and soft.

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